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Beauty Begins With Mother Earth

Beauty Begins With Mother Earth - Our Bit For A Sustainable Diamond Industry

A diamond is an amazing miracle of nature made up of billions of carbon atoms. Older than humankind itself, diamonds are one of nature’s most incredible and unique gifts. And one of the ways we can give back to our mother earth is Sustainability.

In the Diamond Industry today, sustainability has become a prime concern for corporations and the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the demand for business operations to be conducted responsibly. It’s a movement that needs to be persisted.

To make our world better, we need to delve deep into Diamond trading and address some serious questions about the ethics of procuring the stones. Natural diamonds sometimes still find themselves sourced from countries with question marks over their records. That said, there is a clear way to find ethical diamonds in the modern market. The first step concerns ethics, and there’s a good way to make sure your diamonds remain free from conflict.

Laxmi Diamond ensures that every rough being processed is ethically sourced. Something that Mr. Bhumik Gajera adds here “Our first move of ethical sourcing was in the 1990s when we started sourcing directly from the notable miners and became a Sight holder of De Beers in 1995. We wanted to make sure that our rough quality and assortments are not only consistent but sustainably sourced.” Today we only auction rough from Alrosa, Dominion Diamond Mines, ForeverMark, and Canadian Mark. Every rough purchase that we make supports an ethical diamond industry that values responsible and transparent business practices while helping local communities to generate long-term sustainable development and a lasting positive legacy. With that, Laxmi Diamond promises natural and ethical processing of diamonds throughout their manufacturing journey. With many sourcing partners globally, like notable miners, tender houses, or reliable trade partners, Laxmi Diamond assures that rough diamonds are responsibly mined and transacted to drive lifelong sustainability and loyalty with each consumer.

People have strongly realized the obligation of sourcing from a responsible miner who follows this compliance of having minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem to limit the carbon footprint.

Our industry leaders - De Beers Group has played a leading role in conservation. In ALROSA operations 86% of total energy consumption is from renewable sources and more than 90% of water is recycled. The diamond mine in Canada installed a 9.2 MW wind farm in 2012. Let’s also look at the Total Clarity Report - the first-ever report on the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of the mining sector; put together by DPA (Diamond Producer’s Association)

These initiatives are all aimed at ensuring that the diamond mining communities can fully benefit from the trade-in of responsibly sourced diamonds. Laxmi Diamond’s major initiatives revolve around supporting workers and strengthening local economies in terms of education and skill development, putting worker’s safety first by following strict rules and processes, wearing protective equipment, creating job opportunities, and emphasizing fair employment practices. In addition, our bid for sustainability and giving back to Mother Earth stretches beyond sourcing rough from the most ethical leaders, including a few initiatives conducted by Gajera trust. These initiatives are to seek mitigation, optimize resource use and logistics, thus reducing overall damage to the environment.

1. Water preservation - With growing population rates and such a small percentage of all the water on Earth fit for consumption, it only makes sense that we must preserve and conserve this precious resource.

Since each of us depends on water to sustain life, we at Laxmi Diamond take it as our responsibility to learn more about water conservation and how we can help keep our sources pure and safe for generations to come. We also conduct awareness activities at GGS, Pal on regular intervals, for the young and the old.

2. Tree Plantation - We have been planting trees and saplings since the beginning of our journey. We have successfully planted over thousands of trees till date. Apart from this, we have currently undertaken a 10 Megawatt solar farm in Pali, Rajasthan which is a commendable initiative towards a sustainable future.

3. Health Initiatives – Gajera Trust in association with Laxmi Diamond has supported various health initiatives: blood donation drives, mobile diagnostic van, eye check-up camps, and food and medicine distribution activities, and supports various hospitals. Through the various initiatives the main aim is to improvise the health and well-being of the entire community as a whole. Giving back to the community is as important as protecting our mother earth.

As the population around the world continues to increase and the climate crisis grows more concerning with each passing day, the need for sustainable development in all shapes and sizes has never been higher. We promise to keep finding new horizons to expand our vision for good. As Mr. Bhumik rightly says, "The need for all of us to be attentive towards our planet is a dire one. Therefore, for each decision we make at Laxmi Diamond, thoughtfulness and sustainability act as the guiding markers that must always be adhered to, without fail."