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Investment in Diamonds

Is Diamond a Good Investment?

Investing in Gold or Silver Jewellery is an ongoing custom since ages and following the path of our older ones, we have seen growth and prosperity in this saving approach as well. With evolving times, people have adapted to new patterns of livelihood and means of income, so why not experiment with venturing into diamond jewels?

Buying Diamonds can be a tricky business. It does not have a universal price per gram like gold or silver, therefore it is important to understand certain rules about the ‘Biz’ before making the ‘Biz’ Investment.

The Bigger the Better

The most advantageous a diamond can be for you is when it’s in the bigger size that doesn’t take much of your room at the same time. A solitaire ring is more expensive than a ring studded with small 25 pieces of diamonds. Bigger stones are far easier to resell than the smaller ones because diamond prices usually rise in the proportion of their sizes. However, it may not be accessible to all. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to know what kind of diamond you are investing in.

Certified Diamonds Qualify for Quality

Diamonds retain their value over time. The value may change for better or worse as time passes but when it comes to qualitative, sizable and pure stones, they sustain their essence and do not degrade against time. “A Credible 3rd party certified grading of diamonds will always provide assurance if the diamond parameters are accurate or not. It also helps in selling diamonds online without any physical inspection,” mentions Mr.Bhumik Gajera

Evaluated Price Performance of Diamonds

The topmost priority for when you decide on investing in big gems should be to rightly understand the concept of four C’s: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color. The fewer the imperfections a diamond has, the higher is its clarity grade. Diamonds that you buy, you don’t get it for its entire value. Effectively, you pay for only 70-80% of diamonds and lose 20% to the taxes or another jewel mixed with it. But, with multiple portals, one can compare the prices of the diamonds with specific parameters and select the best one. Mr. Bhumik Gajera mentions, “We, at Laxmi, follow a strict procedure of grading every single diamond with the best of our abilities, maintain consistent assortments of non-certified diamonds and price our diamonds as per the market range. Our customers place orders through our online portal confidently because we try to keep 100% transparency with them.” Referring to the third party portals for the ongoing price in the diamond industry is the correct way to invest in the gems.

Storability & Durability

With small sizes come great space for storability. You can flaunt your studs in the most tasteful manner while making a long term benefit out of it. Diamond jewellery is an investment one can see, hold, and wear. As a result, many people feel it’s a safer bet than stocks and other digital investments. Diamonds also are not perishable, they are the hardest stones on planet Earth and cannot wear off easily. You can wear your ‘Big’ investment, enjoy it for as long as you want. You also get to insure your expensive gems and not worry about losing them.

In a nutshell, investment in diamonds must be a part of your investment portfolio and not an income source to depend upon for a lifetime. It’s a risk to be taken at some cost but if you source diamonds from an accredited supplier, transparency, authenticity and traceability is maintained. Miners and manufacturers with ethical practices and accreditation from a Third Party Auditor help to prove that your investment is insured, thus eradicating this risk.
Therefore, learn the basics, set a budget, and make the right purchase!