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Need For Ethical Sourcing

The Need For Ethical Sourcing In The Diamond Industry

There is no beauty in the finest product if it is unethically procured, compromising on people’s health,wealth, happiness and timeless efforts. Similarly, a diamond is a thing of beauty if ethically acquired,finely processed with a vision. As a leading global manufacturer and supplier of polished diamonds, Laxmi Diamond ensures that every rough being processed is ethically sourced. “Our first move of ethical sourcing was in the 1990s when we started sourcing directly from the notable miners and became a Sight holder of De Beers in 1995. We wanted to make sure that our rough quality and assortments are not only consistent but sustainably sourced.” - Mr. Bhumik Gajera, Laxmi Diamond.

Beyond the Shine of the Big Stone

Diamonds have to go through many hands before reaching the consumers and some of these diamonds may have been unethically sourced or may not be from a conflict-free zone. Ethically sourced diamonds are built out of fair and humanitarian mining practices and working conditions under the assurance that no exploitation was caused to the environment and the workers. In layman words, a diamond shines bright in everyone’s eyes, but flaunting this big stone isn’t worth it if it has been acquired through unethical methods such as slavery and exploitation. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for a consumer to be aware of all this while buying diamonds.

Building a trustworthy relationship

It is important that the jewellery you wear is free of any concern and reminds you solely of love and happiness. With this thought and the changing times, consumers have begun to care about the origin and the journey of diamonds from mining to retail. “The need for ethical sourcing has been in the industry for quite some time now. With Millennials becoming the potential jewellery buyers, the need to understand where the stones come from and its impact on the environment has now become an important aspect of buying the jewels.” mentioned Mr. Bhumik Gajera. Over the last 48 years, Laxmi Diamond has been thriving to build an empire out of trust, transparency, versatility and quality. Their incredible transparency reflects in the commitment to serve you with the best diamonds without compromising on the quality. “We believe that our long term relations with reputable miners such as De Beers, Alrosa, Dominion and Rio helps us in sourcing responsible and traceable rough diamonds.”, says Mr. Bhumik Gajera.

But does ethical sourcing come at a cost? This entire process adds trust and an exceptional value to the gems, thus making ethically sourced diamonds a bit more expensive to purchase. Not only is there an increase in consumer demand for ethically-sourced diamonds, but consumers are also willing to pay more for an authentic supply of diamonds.

On a mission towards a sustainable growth

Laxmi Diamond promises a natural and ethical processing of diamonds throughout their manufacturing journey. With many sourcing partners globally, like notable miners, tender houses, or reliable trade partners, Laxmi Diamond assures that rough diamonds are responsibly mined and transacted to drive lifelong sustainability and loyalty with each consumer. People have strongly realised the obligation of sourcing from a responsible miner who follows this compliance of having minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem to limit the carbon footprint.

“With people working consciously to support the environment for an endurable future, ethical sourcing and it’s awareness will be growing rapidly and will be soon established as a norm in the diamond industry,” concludes Mr. Bhumik Gajera.