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The 5th C In Consideration For The Diamond Grading System

Consciousness - The 5th C In Consideration For The Diamond Grading System

For decades, the diamond industry has primarily focused on consumption. Delivering prestigious gemstones to serve the exquisite taste of customers remained the key focus until a few years back. But, with time, as the darker side highlighting the human and environmental repercussions of traditional diamond mining and buying came to light, so did the urgent call to change it.

With society’s increasing consciousness towards consumption, the diamond ecosystem shifted towards the conscious and ethical way. And, over the years, consciousness has become not just another item on the checklist but a prioritised responsibility for the diamond industry. So much so that the industry is now considering consciousness as the fifth C, keeping it at par with the four C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Hence, in the near future, the consciousness grade would have a significant say in evaluating diamonds.

Understanding Consciousness

Building a business is all about building relationships. These might be with the employees,the community, the industry or with Mother Earth as a whole. And consciousness is the core of these relationships that brings awareness, responsibility and responsiveness towards all the stakeholders. Being conscious Understanding Consciousness essentially calls for being aware of one’s actions and their implications at all times. Therefore, consciousness at Laxmi Diamond starts with the sourcing of roughs and continues through out.

Consciousness In The Diamond Industry

The relationship between diamonds and humans is very personal and based on a strong emotional connection. Therefore, when one invests in a diamond, they look for ‘purity’ - not just in its external appearance but in every aspect associated with the gemstone. Hence, a conflict-free, ethically sourced diamond speaks to the conscience of this relationship, serving the conscious, ethical needs of the diamond bearer.

Additionally, every gemstone on the Earth is Mother nature’s treasured child. And given that, it comes as a moral and gratifying responsibility for the diamond industry to cater to the environment and consider the betterment of the planet, looking at the larger picture. Laxmi Diamond believes that environmental consciousness is today’s investment for a better tomorrow.

Commitment To Consciousness At Laxmi Diamond

Laxmi Diamond’s legacy of over five decades stands strong on the pillars of trust, innovation, sustainability and versatility. Building a solid concoction of these values, each endeavour undertaken at the company carries a clear conscience of meaningfulness, purpose and alignment for the greater good.

May it be sourcing, planning, polishing or any intricate process in between, consciousness towards work runs thick in the hearts of each member of the Laxmi Diamond family. Being a D2c sightholder, Laxmi Diamond ensures a smooth, transparent, and conflict-free flow throughout these processes by bringing exemplary advocacy, guidance, and the latest technological advancements at their disposal.

The official, on-paper addition of Consciousness as the 5th C for grading is yet in the process. But, at Laxmi Diamond, this step has been incorporated into the company’s morale for years. Therefore, every gemstone that comes in as rough and goes out as a polished diamond from the company is guaranteed to be conflict-free and ethical, shining with purity in appearance and deed.

Over the years, Laxmi Diamond has built a sense of belongingness and established itself as a second home for its employees. Each day, the company consciously caters to their needs and welfare with initiatives such as provision of a safe and sound work environment, hygienic and nutritious food, transparent open-door policy, healthcare facilities and more.

The significance of consciousness is also extended and reflected in Laxmi Diamond’s communal contribution. Initiatives such as providing education, healthcare and development facilities for the community testify Laxmi Diamond’s conscious commitment towards society.

Adhering to the most significant responsibility of all, Laxmi Diamond extends its gratitude to Mother Earth with perpetual initiatives such as Water preservation activities, Tree plantation drives, the establishment of a Solar power plant and more sustainable measures.

The Conscious Road Ahead

The team of professional gemologists at Laxmi Diamond go beyond the 4Cs to bring out the brilliance of each masterpiece. The company’s inventory of exquisite gemstones will soon host highly graded diamonds on cut, colour, clarity, carat, and consciousness. The significance of the fifth C will speak in volumes not only about the unparalleled diamonds but also about Laxmi Diamond’s unaltered commitment to consciousness.