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The Beauty That Never Fades

The Beauty That Never Fades

When speaking of diamonds, the gemstone’s ultimate beauty is the first thing that comes to mind. The unmatched brilliance, perfectly symmetrical cut, unparalleled purity, and shiny spark steal the show. And, what has awakened humankind’s intrigue for decades is the eternal nature of this beauty.

But, in reality, the external beauty of diamonds is just the tip of the iceberg. A gemstone goes through billions of years of evolution, sustains tremendous pressure and then meets the world’s eye. In fact, this formation contributes significantly to the rough gemstone’s appearance and determines its fate ahead.

Just as there is much more beauty to a gemstone than what meets the eye, the same stands true for women. For decades, there have been countless instances where society has turned a blind eye to their potential and left them unheard. Unfortunately, regardless of the age or stage of life, every female deal with countless stereotypes such as:

Girls should remain calm and refrain from speaking up.

From a very young age, most girls are taught that being well-behaved means doing as instructed and staying away from expressing their opinions.

Girls should fit in the ideal image of beauty.

Families, societal perceptions, films and magazines have built the image of an ideal woman that confines the meaning of beauty. As a result, countless girls grow up lacking confidence, believing they lack somewhere if their appearance falls short of the idealised image.

Assertive women are unfeminine.

Girls are made to believe that they should be fragile. However, their confidence is almost mistaken as arrogance, and they are considered to be rude or ill-mannered.

A woman is supposed to be a homemaker.

The idea of restricting what a woman should do in her life has been prevalent for centuries. They are often told that they are natural caregivers and should stay at home to follow the path.

There is something wrong with a woman who doesn’t want children.

A woman’s ability to start and nurture a new life should be considered her power, not compulsion. But instead, many women are forced to take up the responsibility of motherhood.

The Need To Change The Narrative

Stereotypes may sometimes come across as general comments, but they tap into the receiver's subconscious and negatively impact them. Such statements often cause young girls and women to be reluctant about themselves, lack confidence and doubt their positive abilities. As a member of a developing society, every individual and every company’s responsibility is to stand up against such wrong doings. At Laxmi Diamond, we believe that brilliant women today do not need empowerment; they are already powerful.They just need fair and equal treatment.

Throughout the company’s history, different women have been a part of Laxmi Diamond, adding to the legacy of five decades. May it be the pioneering faces contributing to our CSR initiatives, the teachers at our schools, the females from our employee family or the students at Gajera Trust institutions, incredible women have significantly contributed in each dimension.

She Shines Bright

Over the years, Laxmi Diamond has always been at the forefront of establishing a cohesive work environment for all its employees, especially women. And, for each opportunity presented to the women here, they have taken it up willfully, showcasing their #PowerToChallenge. Each woman is similar to a rough diamond, waiting for her chance to shine bright as ever. Moreover, her inner charm and beauty resemble the traits of a shining gemstone.


Each gemstone is unique and beautiful in its way, representing its individuality. Even two externally similar looking diamonds are different from within. Similarly, each woman is eccentric in herself, with her distinct traits shining bright as ever.

Strength and Resilience

As it is widely known, a diamond is the hardest naturally known substance. Its strength is its superpower. Similarly, what better example of courage and endurance than a woman’s determination? A woman’s life cycle is a series of phases where she progresses time and again with unaltered power.


Diamonds are forever, and so is a woman’s faith and commitment to everything she signs up for. At Laxmi Diamond, we have been fortunate to witness that women have all the #PowerToChallenge the unexplored, and they keep going to do their best in all walks of life.


The inner beauty of a diamond reflects purity in appearance and form, signifying a woman’s flawless nature. May it be a mother’s love towards her children, a girl’s dedication to her future or a woman’s commitment to her home or work, purity of intentions reflects in all the incredible women out there.

Laxmi Diamond believes that even though the celebrations are marked on a single day, each day is a Women’s Day. As powerful women worldwide step up each day, the world becomes a better place, one step at a time. The company celebrates the incredible spirit of womanhood and encourages each individual to support and cherish the women in their lives.