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Diamond Accents

Diamond Accents: Everything You Need To Know

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice- it always compliments what’s already there”- Diane Von Furstenberg. When it comes to exquisite jewellery pieces, it’s often the details that make it stand out. However, diamond accents are the best addition that compliments the larger gemstones.

The small diamond or diamonds that are added besides a larger diamond or another gemstone in a piece of jewellery are known as diamond accents. Just like the larger diamonds, accents are also extracted from mines and have the cut, colour, clarity and carat grades.

In spite of the similarities, diamond accents are comparatively economical and affordable. Their pricing is tied to the carat weight. Since diamond accents are really small, they do not weigh much and hence differ in pricing. Diamond accents are not commonly sold directly to consumers. Jewellers often purchase these in wholesale quantities, and hence, they are priced per carat. Typically, Diamond accents are found in the range of 0.01 to 0.18 carats.

Diamond accents are available in various cuts and shapes. They are chosen depending upon the shape of the larger diamond that is to be accompanied. The main types of diamond accents include:

Baguette Diamond Accents: Baguettes are rectangularly shaped diamonds with a step cut. They are further distinguished into Straight Baguette and Tapered Baguette. The tapered baguette is rectangular with long sides that get narrower at the bottom. These are usually used to complement round and cushion cut diamonds.

Marquise Diamond Accents: They usually feature soft curves and are oval-shaped. The curved sides come to a sharp point at both the ends. They go pretty well with emerald and princess cut diamonds.

Trillion Diamond Accents: These are triangular shaped diamonds that come with both, rounded and pointed ends. They are often used as side stones in a piece of jewellery that features three-stone settings. The round trillion accents go well with larger cushion-cut diamonds and the pointed trillions pair with princess cut diamonds.

Trapezoid Diamond Accents: Also referred to as ‘trapeze’, these are usually found in both, brilliant cut and step cut. The trapezoids pair perfectly with square and rectangular-shaped centre diamonds.

Small Round Diamond Accents: These are the universal go-to classic choice. Its’ reasonably round shape makes it suitable to pair beautifully with every diamond shape and to be used in all kinds of settings.

While the main gemstone in a piece of jewellery surely deserves to be the centre of attention, diamond accents add extra sparkle and appeal. They help elevate and accentuate the overall piece. Additionally, diamond accents speak significantly to those who value personalisation and prefer to stand out. Jewellery designers can add a subtle, yet noticeable difference to the pieces with the inclusion of diamond accents.

When diamond accents come close to matching the quality of the centre stone, they look absolutely incredible together. Diamond accents should be chosen based on their shape, the colour, grades and resemblance with the shape of the centre stone. They shouldn’t be overlooked because they enhance the appeal of your jewellery at a lower price! The combination of diamond accents with the central diamond is an act of careful balancing.