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Which diamond shape are you?

Find Out What Diamond Shape Matches Your Personality

Having spent over four decades as a global manufacturer in the diamond industry, the people at Laxmi Diamond interact with individuals coming from different areas of life. Hence, the team at Laxmi Diamond has been a witness to instances of observing varied people developing a fond fascination for different kinds of diamonds.

Based on the experiences and observances gathered from dealing with a range of varied fancy cut diamonds at Laxmi Diamond, it can be said that “the type of diamond that one is attracted to, says a lot more about the person than about the diamond.” Here’s a complete rundown of what each unique diamond cut represents.


‘The classic of centuries’, a round diamond is one of the most popular shapes. It is equipped with the ideal proportions to maximise the shine with unbeaten brilliance. Being the most common choice for engagement rings, this cut represents eternal love.

The round cut diamond is considered traditional. People who choose this shape often have a sincere and romantic personality. Faithfulness and honesty are also among the character traits of people drawn to this classic shape. Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Anniston are among the proud owners of this classic diamond.


A very popular square-shaped variant, the princess cut diamond is a combination of modern design with a contemporary edge. This shape represents exceptional brilliance.

This cut most suits people who possess a bold personality type. Wearers of the princess cut diamond are open to taking risks and enjoy being the centre of attention. They also have a flair of cleverness and excitement. Celebrities like Christine Baumgartner and Jessica Biel are fond wearers of the princess cut.


A close competition to the round cut, oval diamond is becoming an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. This cut provides an added elongated symmetry to the traditional round shaped diamond.

Tradition and romance with a strong hint of individuality and creativity can be the best description of the oval-shaped diamond. People drawn to this diamond shape possess a one-of-a-kind sophisticated personality. They are often perceived as bold and creative individuals who enjoy the limelight as they stand out from the crowd. Renowned personalities who wear this shape include Hailey Baldwin Beiber, Blake Lively and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. Hailey Baldwin's engagement ring is estimated to be 10 carats and worth approximately half a million dollars.


The emerald cut is a sleek, elongated rectangular shape with cut off corners. Its’ clarity and openness represent depth. The linear facets add a great degree of scintillation to this cut.

Those with a good sense of self and a keen eye for design details largely prefer the emerald cut. With a willingness to explore the unknown, the choosers of the emerald cut are unafraid of risks. Remarkable personalities like Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Beyonce have received the Emerald diamond. Jennifer Lopez also owns an astounding 16-carat emerald diamond.


Also referred to as the ‘long navette oval shape’, the marquise is an impressive, mystical and stylish cut that appears to be larger than life with 56-58 facets

Translating the striking shape to its associated characteristics, choosers of this cut usually live with a larger than life attitude. With an outgoing and amusing personality, they highly value luxury and elegance. Ashlee Simpson and Victoria Beckham are renowned owners of this impressive diamond.


With the smoothness and curvaceousness of a round brilliant diamond and the pointedness of a marquise, the pear-shaped cut is a mix of tradition and modernism.

Wearers of the pear-shaped diamond, have an easygoing and peaceful personality. They place high regard on romance while valuing their individuality at the same time. They also tend to be open to the idea of two things being one. Cardi B adorns this style with a pear-shaped diamond costing a whopping $500,000.


A universally known shape conveying romance, the heart-shaped diamond radiates excellent fire and brilliance. This diamond is a potent symbol of love.

Hopeless romantics would be the first people to opt for the heart-shaped diamond. They possess a sentimental, optimistic and passionate personality and place a strong belief in ‘love conquers all. Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are among the fond lovers of the heart shape.


This shape first gained popularity in the 19th century. A cushion diamond has a radiant cut with smooth round edges.

People who consider themselves ‘trustworthy’ tend to prefer the cushion cut. Romanticism and bravery are the two main personality attributes of the wearers of the cushion cut diamond. Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are among the well-known wearers of this classic shape.


Suitable for royalty, this shape was first created for King Edward VII. The unique and elegant shape of this cut gives it a ‘hall of mirrors effect.

An individual possessing a feminine, regal personality with a flair for drama prefers to choose the Asscher cut diamond. They are also known to be drawn towards vintage items. Carrie Bradshaw and Gwyneth Paltrow are celebrities who flaunt this shape elegantly.

Customers don’t just buy diamonds- they buy a lifelong sentiment. Investing in a shape that one is naturally drawn to essentially adds to their personality and admiration for the gemstone.