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Laxmi Diamond Paves Its Way To Botswana

Laxmi Diamond Paves Its Way To Botswana

From the foundational stone of a dream in 1972 to being a leading global diamond manufacturer, Laxmi Diamond has treaded a glorious journey, nearing five decades.

While the heart of the company lies in Surat, the footprints of development trace beyond the country’s geographical boundaries. Laxmi Diamond’s coveted name and work enable it to establish a worldwide presence. With offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Belgium and New York, the group delivers the finest gems in and across India.

Taking the next step of progression, Laxmi Diamond now makes its mark in Botswana, South Africa. This advancement is yet another milestone for the group, enabling the company to expand its contributions to countries, communities and the diamond industry at large.

Diamonds and Botswana go back a long way. In fact, the precious gemstone has drastically transformed the life and economy in Botswana. Being home to four of the world’s richest diamond mines, the country is truly South Africa’s crown jewel. Until 2019, these deposits collectively accounted for a production of 24.2 m carats. Furthermore, mines in Botswana are also home to many huge and unique gemstones ever discovered.

Therefore, Laxmi Diamond’s venture into Botswana proves to be a meeting of one of the world’s largest producers and one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of diamonds, coming together further to unfurl the gemstone’s glory for the greater good.

While many Indian diamond manufacturers excel with their global presence, Laxmi Diamond’s polishing unit in a foreign land is a pioneering step in the industry. After carefully examining its exponential operations over the last decade, Laxmi Diamond took this step to meet the growing demand for gemstones.

However, the advancement into a land-locked country such as Botswana comes with its own challenges. Nevertheless, after successfully complying with the entry procedures for businesses, Laxmi Diamond established its operations and continues to strive each day to overcome potential obstacles. The Management’s determined approach, combined with the team’s effort, makes every hurdle seem like a smooth sail as the Botswana unit progresses on the path of development.

Under the potent directorship of Mr Sunny Gajera and Mr Bhumik Gajera, the Botswana unit currently runs as a polishing outlet for diamonds. The future roadmap aims to expand operations and establish a full-fledged diamond manufacturing unit in Botswana. However, it will function as a wholly independent unit in the near future, catering to the diamonds throughout the ‘rough to ready’ stage.

However, the vision goes beyond the company's expansion of operations and development. Laxmi Diamond has stepped into South Africa to craft an ecosystem that benefits the local community.

To actualise these motives, the Botswana unit currently employs 11 Indian workers and around 20-22 locals from South Africa. The plan of action also caters to the generation of more employment opportunities for the locals.

When it comes to the community's welfare, education has been one of the company’s key focuses for decades.The venture will cater to skill development for the local community and ensure collaborative growth by training the locals in the art of diamond cutting, polishing and more. Yet another key area of focus is improving the quality of life of the workforce. The provision of eco-friendly, air-conditioned, well-equipped workspaces is one example of employee benefits provided to the team in Botswana.

As Robert Ingersoll rightly said, “We rise by lifting others.” The Botswana unit promises skill up-gradation for the local Africans, gradually helping them with a lifelong means of livelihood.

The 29-year long accreditation and experience as a De Beers sightholder in India enable Laxmi Diamond to ensure fair sourcing of roughs. Adding to this commitment, acquiring a sightholder status in Botswana is one of the integral aims for the company. Following that, Laxmi Diamond looks forward to implementing sustainable and transparent mining practices in Botswana.

Marking a significant relationship building milestone, the Laxmi Diamond Surat office recently welcomed His Excellency Mr Gilbert Shimane Mangole, High Commissioner of Botswana to India, Ms Chenesani Asa, Counsellor III, Mr Vishal Dosh, Hon Consul of Botswana for Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa and Mr Pranava Bhargava.

Furthermore, the company’s infrastructure and operations, combined with good governance, will play a vital role to utilise the potential of Botswana’s diamond reserves. Given the influential role this gemstone has played in the transformation of Botswana, Laxmi Diamond joins hands for the greater good to further fuel the country’s economic growth.

The Botswana unit extends Mr Vasant Gajera’s core ideology of meaningfulness into South Africa as it treads the path of development. On the journey from being a novel venture to a wholly independent unit, the Botswana facility simultaneously focuses on extending opportunities, funding economic stability, community empowerment and contributing to Africa’s economy at large.