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The Usage and Impact Of Diamonds Beyond The Jewellery Industry.

The Usage and Impact Of Diamonds Beyond The Jewellery Industry

Diamonds are truly an object of eternal fascination. For centuries, these gemstones have been universally known for their usage in the jewellery industry and alluring beauty in various jewellery settings. This deeply ingrained belief has made diamonds almost synonyms to jewellery for the world. But, over the years, with the changing dynamics and technological innovations, diamonds have surpassed beyond the jewellery industry. In fact, the application and usage of diamonds across different areas and industries have been one of the most significant changes. The examples of many different industries making use of these gemstones are indeed remarkable.

The Miraculous Power Of Diamonds For Healthcare

The usage of diamonds for the greater good has broadened to the health industry. In a study at Cardiff University, it was found that nanoparticles of diamonds smaller than human hair can be used to treat cancer. The researchers utilised a diamond’s reflective properties to monitor the effectiveness of cancer medication by observing cellular processes in patients’ bodies.

The unique relationship of these gemstones with light has also enabled medical researchers to test diamonds as a potential material for visual prostheses and eye implants for the visually impaired. Moreover, tiny particles of diamonds are also used in dentists’ tools for the drilling and polishing cavities. iBionics, an Ottawa based company, has been working on improving the effectiveness of vision-restoring technology with Diamond eye implant surgery options.

The Industrial Usage Of Diamonds

The hardness and strength of diamonds make them effective for usage in polishing, cutting and drilling. Therefore, one of the most common uses of diamonds beyond the jewellery industry is its use in industrial applications. The usage of these gemstones in the mining and military industry is quite popular. Additionally, tiny particles of diamonds are used to increase the cutting power of saws and drills for usage on harsh materials.

The Future Of Technology With Diamonds

As technology advances with time, diamonds prove to be a significant contributor to the shift. The heat resistance properties of a diamond enable it to get five times hotter and cool down easier than silicon without impacting the performance. Additionally, these gemstones are also capable of tolerating higher voltages. Therefore, diamonds replace silicon in computers and as equipment in semiconductors, enabling computer devices to be faster, lighter and more effective. Moreover, a diamond’s ability to vibrate rapidly without suffering from any deformation makes it suitable for usage in high-end audio equipment for improved sound quality.

Additionally, record needles made with diamonds are a high-quality standard component for record players and DJ equipment. An Illinois based company, Akhan Semiconductor, in collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory, has developed a series of advancements that place diamonds at the heart of the hardware, making several electronic devices perform better.

Diamonds Brightening Up The Beauty Industry

Bringing these precious gemstones closer to the daily lives of individuals is their usage in the beauty industry. The phenomenon of diamond beauty products started in 2011 when the American actress Mila Kunis opted for a $7,000 ruby and diamond facial. The beauty benefits of a diamond are advertised as a blurring ingredient and an exfoliator. Therefore, many beauty companies have started offering pricey products that contain diamond dust. Today, brands such as Oribe, Lancer and more offer diamond dust infused beauty products such as Eye contour creams and body scrubs.

Diamonds On The Roads

The United States Geological Survey also hints at the usage of diamonds in the automotive industry to manufacture vehicles. The presence of at least 1.5 carats of diamonds is very common in high-tech cars around the world. In fact, the Nissan Altima gained immense popularity for its engine, which was built with diamonds. The manufacturer used a ‘mirror bore’ process involving a drill bit containing diamonds for its car engine.

The Rising Demand Of The Resource

The fact that diamonds are the most sought after gemstones only continue to prove true time and again. As the demand for diamonds continues to rise across industries, its supply is becoming a matter of concern. Some worrisome projections hint that rough diamond production is forecasted to fall by more than 50% by 2030. Luckily, major diamond companies have managed to make up for the demand in the foreseeable future despite the diamond mine depletion.

The Potential Of Diamonds

The numerous benefits of diamonds are widespread beyond the jewellery industry, and this remarkable gemstone continues to prove its worth. As human understanding progresses with technological advancements, the usage of diamonds in other industries grows continually. The grand scope of these gemstones indeed continues to change the world around us. Laxmi Diamond believes that “Diamonds’ potential use and value are far more in other industries than the Gem and jewellery industry. With high prices being the only drawback, the unique characteristics of diamonds work wonders, contributing to several industries in innovative ways.”