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Guide for styling different cut diamonds as per your face cut

Guide for styling different cut diamonds as per your face cut

Diamonds are timeless pieces of jewelry that can uplift any outfit. Every person is endowed with a distinct set of characteristics that distinguishes them from the crowd. No two looks are alike, from a gorgeous heart-shaped face to mesmerizing eyes to standout cheekbones. When diamond jewellery emphasizes your facial form, it may make a statement. In comparison to a heart-shaped face, a diamond-shaped face compliments jewellery differently. Learn which jewellery designs and styles are best for particular facial shapes to bring out the sparkling diva in you.

Celebrity wardrobe and fashion stylist Joaquin Aristides Flores says, "When accessorizing, the face shape and complexion are two key factors that help me create a successful styled look."

Firstly, and most importantly, how to find out your face cut?

It's simple to figure out your facial shape. Pull your hair away from your face so it isn't in the way before you begin. See if you can ask someone to take your picture. Sit straight in front of the camera. Try to ensure that your hairline is visible, then take a print-out.

Find the biggest portion of your face and circle it out. Determine the shape of your jaw. The curve of your jawline also influences the shape of your face

Look at the different shapes of faces and select the one that looks the most like yours. Your face could be round, square, oval, diamond-shaped, or heart-shaped.

Compare the length of your face to the width. Examine your face both when you're smiling and when you're not. Keep in mind that face forms can change with time and due to changes in health and weight.

For people with HEART-SHAPED FACES, with Love.

A heart-shaped face has a more defined jawline and a longer temple. The goal is to avoid jewellery that emphasizes the broad cheekbone and instead creates the appearance of length. Instead, opt for earrings with longish curves to balance out a heart-shaped face. Your best chance is to go with danglers, chandeliers, and teardrops. Round and ovalshaped diamond studs are attractive options, while pear-shaped diamond stud hoops are fantastic for adding a touch of roundness and completion to the base of a heartshaped face.

Circling to those with a ROUND FACE

A round face shape is characterized by the most significant portion of the face being in the middle (around the cheekbones and ears) and a whole jawline that does not point. The goal is to produce a 'narrower' face by wearing slim danglers and linear drop earrings in silhouettes with an oval, rectangle, or teardrop form. Long necklaces and anything below the neckline are the best choices for neckpieces. Choose a longer diamond shape like the emerald cut, oval, marquise, or pear for a more stretched effect. Choose princess cut, Asscher cut, or emerald cut diamonds for a brighter effect. Emerald cut diamonds are exact and lengthy, so emerald cut diamond stud earrings are popular among people with round faces

For the long, OVAL FACED beauties

With properly proportional brows and jawlines, oval face shapes are well adjusted. The forehead is somewhat more expansive than the curving chin, and the rest of the face is rounded. Oval face forms may happily accommodate any diamond shape due to their evenness. The perfect earrings for this face-cut are chandeliers and others wider at the bottom, circles, curves, and huge studs. Our top recommendations for an oval face shape are round, princess cut, cushion cut, and Asscher cut diamonds. These proportioned diamond forms will aid in the oval face's expansion.

Diamonds for the DIAMOND-FACED

It's all about those statement cheekbones for women with diamond-shaped faces. A diamond face shape emphasizes brows and jaws that are narrower. They commonly have a small forehead, a pointed chin, and high cheekbones, emphasizing their facial characteristics. A milder, more balanced diamond form, which provides the face with some balance, is frequently best complimented by the structure of a diamond face shape. Choose earrings that curve with your face's natural angles, such as mid-length teardrops or linear earrings with delicate embellishments or ornamentation on the lower half of the gem. Cushion, oval, and round cut diamond stud earrings are our top picks for diamond f ace shapes. For studs and hoops with hang settings, these shapes will work perfectly. They will also draw attention to the features of your face

Back to the SQUARE-FACED Ones

The goal is to soften the angular features while creating drama with earrings on a squareshaped face with a boxier contour. The cheekbones and facial structure of people with a square face shape are around the same width. Simple, adjustable hoops are great for adding balance to a square moulded face. Round cut, cushion cut, and oval-shaped diamonds are among our top diamond stud shape recommendations for adding roundness and delicateness to a square face shape. Dangler earrings with round or oval parts and medium-sized hoops and circular studs make fantastic jewellery accessories. There are studs, hang studs, drop studs, crystal fixture hoops, and diamond loop hoops for individuals with a square face.

Numerous variations range from a heart-shaped face to a diamond-shaped face. So now go ahead and verify your face type before you go shopping for your next date, wedding, or get-together! Laxmi Diamond's gem experts will assist you in selecting the ideal studs for your face and skin tone.