Blog Laxmi Diamond Diary - JGT Dubai 2023

Blog Laxmi Diamond Diary - JGT Dubai 2023

Laxmi Diamond Diary - JGT Dubai 2023

Exhibitions provide a platform for companies in the industry to showcase their products and services to potential buyers and partners. This can be particularly important in a high-value industry like diamonds, where relationships and trust are crucial. Exhibitions and other events provide an opportunity for companies to meet face-to-face with potential clients and build those relationships.

JGT Dubai is an international B2B sourcing event. It is a platform for buyers and sellers around the world to interact and trade jewelry, gems, and technology related to the industry. Jewellery and gems is a market of 4 billion consumers which are scattered all over, it allows the exhibitor to expand its reach to the world forum. Dubai seems to be building a hub for the middle east for gems and jewelry trading. JGT Dubai was a 3-day event to connect exhibitors from America, Africa, Europe, and Asia which took place from 12 to 14 February 2023 at Dubai World Trade Center. Let's understand how the event helped stakeholders of the gems and jewelry industry to unlock their full potential.


Rough and polished gems dealers, jewelry manufacturers, and tech solution and service providers from all over showcased their finest products and inventions to buyers.


In a marketplace that benefits sellers and buyers, the visitors got to know and made connections with the finest manufacturers. There were wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, designers, and dealers from around the globe to explore the sparkling world of jewels and jewelry.

What to look for?

  ❖  Finished jewelry pieces: One-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made with top-class craftsmanship and gems are boisterously displayed with pride. These fine pieces are the center of attention for many.

  ❖  Precious diamonds: cut, uncut, polished, and rough diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity are exhibited by manufacturers. Rare stones of high value are the eye candies for fine jewelry manufacturers. Natural and synthetic, both types of diamonds can be seen. Many visitors just visit for their love of precious diamonds

  ❖  Technology: Technology keeps advancing each day and it is the same in the gems and jewelry industry. The latest technologies, tools and equipment, lab processes, and packaging that helps businesses grow are marketed through JGT, so its advantage can be taken by manufacturers from around the world.

  ❖  Unique designs: Extraordinary pieces designed with uncommon pearls, stones, and diamonds, made with advanced settings and craftsmanship are proudly displayed. These pieces set a benchmark and become an inspiration for many manufacturers for their work. These unique designs are nothing less than precious pieces of art.

Many manufacturers take pride in displaying their work and achievements at JGT Dubai. This time Laxmi Diamond took the opportunity to exhibit at JGT Dubai among the top fine diamond manufacturers in the world.


This was the very first time when the Laxmi Diamond made its presence as the exhibitor at the JGT. The excitement to showcase our work on the grand level and the optimism to explore new markets was inevitable. Laxmi Diamond is already a renowned name in the field of diamonds with their presence in many countries, but the feeling of experiencing it first hand was surreal. Dubai is gradually becoming an epicentre for rough diamond trading in the middle east and they also plan on doing the same with polished diamonds, so there was no better way for Laxmi Diamond to make an upbeat presence in the middle east.

The Laxmi Diamond Display

Laxmi Diamond displayed their range of fancy polished diamonds and jewellery. We believe that fancy diamonds of different sizes, shapes, colours, and cuts are very much appreciated in the Middle East jewellery market. Fancy coloured diamonds are very rare and precious and when they are embedded in fine jewelry pieces, their beauty cannot be overlooked by any.

The best part for Laxmi Diamond was being able to connect to people in the industry and buyers at once who are otherwise scattered. The customer appreciation and acknowledgment for our social work in the community and being recognized as more than just a manufacturing firm motivates us to do better for the people and the environment. We consider social development as our responsibility towards society and the planet. Getting such recognition on such a platform by our customers for the same adds to our enthusiasm for community welfare.

It was a great energy boost to work more in the future. The turkey earthquake has affected the footfalls at JGT Dubai and also the overall industry trade. Our heart goes out to the people affected and we hope they shine brighter real soon. That is the thing about the diamond industry, no matter how bad the times are, a promise for a shinier future always sustains. The diamond market is huge, and no one can reach it everywhere, but a stage like this helps the diamond industry to form a flow and build new connections. The experience of Laxmi Diamond presenting itself was thrilling and we are excited about more such opportunities in the future.