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Laxmi Diamond celebrates its 50 years

Laxmi Diamond celebrates its 50 years:

A look back at the glorious journey

Founded in 1972 by Mr. Vasant Gajera, Laxmi Diamond (LD) has a global footprint with an ongoing focus on cutting-edge facilities, highly trained staff, and the deployment of quality control systems resulting in best-in-class diamond manufacturing. Their standards have been essential in establishing Laxmi's worldwide reputation for quality.

The company has grown rapidly since then, and Laxmi Diamond has been a Sightholder of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), the De Beers Group's distribution arm, since 1995. Laxmi Diamond is a significant producer and distributor of polished diamonds, supplying loose polished diamonds to the global jewellery trade. The production facilities in Gujarat's Surat and Amreli are outfitted with the most superior technology.

A real tale of hard work and success

Mr. Gajera came to Surat at the age of 14, with a burning desire to become something. Due to their family’s financial struggle, work wasn’t an option, it was a need but that has been his strongest motivator. Vasant Gajera has a positive outlook on life and is living proof that you need to overcome obstacles in order to reach heights.

He started the company with 2 small polishing factories at the age of 17 as the eldest of five brothers, and all of the others soon joined and oversaw various aspects of the business. Since then LD has evolved into a one-stop shop for customers, a claim that only a few businesses can boast. The company now has 10000+ associations and 4000+ Employees. Laxmi Diamond has been the most trusted name in the diamond market for the past 50 years. Their dedication to providing greatness has kept them striving for quality, innovation, and customer happiness.

The CEO and the core values of Laxmi Diamond

The founder and CEO of Laxmi Diamond, Vasant Gajera, has endured the test of time, the industry, changing client expectations, and numerous passing trends, putting him on the map of the diamond industry not just in Surat, and India, but worldwide. Laxmi Diamond offers a selection of best cut diamonds with the integration of technical advancements and experienced craftsmanship, catering to the individual needs of each customer.

The company and the Gajera family are firm believers in mutual progress and sustainability. Laxmi Diamond is a Sightholder, providing greater consistency, supply reliability, and guarantee of the authenticity and integrity of their diamonds.

The vision of Mr. Vasant and Laxmi Diamond is to build a sustainable society of energised young innovators who are given equal opportunities to live and flourish, and enrich each life by attaining One Happiness.

Spirit of excellence

The people & community of Laxmi Diamond

Laxmi Diamond's people are their mark of goodwill, and their work extends beyond diamond manufacturing. Many of their employees have worked for them for decades, which says much about the company's culture and operations. The Gajera Trust embraces all that Laxmi represents, and they are quite proud of it. Laxmi Diamond and its founders have always believed in steady expansion rather than exponential growth.

They treat all of their team members like their own family members: the LD team, the employees, and their families. For many years, LD has prioritised not just their own progress, but also the welfare, social and financial needs of their employees and families. Not only has the corporation played a role in LD's success, but so has the team. The bulk of their staff have been with them for more than ten years, which is a claim that few companies can boast. They have always appreciated and backed management decisions. One of the key reasons their team developed is because they were trained well and always paid maximum possible royalties.

Not just Corporate Social Responsibility, but Duty

We cannot talk about Laxmi Diamond and the Gajera family without talking about their contribution to the welfare of the community. The Gajera Trust's primary mission is to help the country and its citizens in general. The Trust's major areas of interest include education, healthcare, and community services. The Gajera family is highly committed to the social cause, devoting substantial time and resources to various welfare and philanthropic initiatives that have grown into a variety of charitable institutions in the domains of education, health, and social welfare. Below are highlighted 2 of the most significant establishments that are managed by Laxmi Diamond and the Gajera Trust.

Vatsalyadham: Shri. Vasant Gajera and Smt. Champaben Vasantbhai Gajera's humanitarian idea to aid poor and homeless children who were struggling to meet even basic needs gave birth to Vatsalyadham - A Home for Orphans. Swami Shri Dharambandhuji's loving hands made this dream a reality on Shree Vasant Gajera's birthday, May 25, 2005. 56 children who had no hope or vision in life received safety and affection under the roof of Vatsalyadham.

Vatsalyadham is currently a home for 850 children who have hope, vision, and a feeling of purpose in life.

The Shantabaa Medical College and General Hospital aspires to become a full-fledged specialised medical service that meets the needs of the district and surrounding areas while also providing aspiring doctors with experience and hands-on training. It offers a world-class integrated healthcare system and human development to underprivileged people by harnessing cutting-edge technology and guided by a team of dedicated specialists with the best medical skills and competencies. The goal is to build a society of inspired young innovators who have equal possibilities to prosper.

50 and counting…

With society's growing awareness of consumerism, the diamond ecosystem has moved to a more mindful and ethical approach. And, over time, consciousness has evolved from a checklist item to a top-priority obligation for the diamond business. Laxmi Diamond considers consciousness to be the fifth C, alongside the four C's of cut, colour, clarity, and carat.

The five-decade legacy built on the foundations of trust, innovation, sustainability, and versatility will continue to speak in volumes not only about the unparalleled diamonds but also about Laxmi Diamond’s unaltered commitment to consciousness and the industry.