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Onwards and Upwards towards 2023

Onwards and Upwards towards 2023

New beginnings are always exciting; even more, when the last year ends with the same exciting energy. It's a good time to look back at the year and be grateful for the achievements, lessons, and growth as a company, individual, or family. And also look forward to the coming year by planning, setting goals, and improving. We at Laxmi Diamond had an amazing year and we are excited to do so much more in the coming one. Before we all get busy in the hustle of chasing new goals, we would like to share with you all the milestones we achieved in 2022.

Laxmi Diamond is a legacy of 5 brothers, but it is also an extended family of employees, associates, buyers, and professionals that makes its success as grand as it is

Introduction of 5th C

A promise to source ethical diamonds - Being a DTC sightholder, Laxmi Diamond continuously sources conflict-free diamonds with Kimberley process certification. We believe in giving back to the environment by being socially and environmentally responsible.

A commitment towards a greener planet - Respecting and protecting mother nature by taking steps forwards. Tree plantation drives, solar power plant installation, and a general commitment towards conscious living.

A conscious upbringing for a better future - Founders of Laxmi Diamond believe that nurturing young minds with education and knowledge can do wonders for society and its future. Laxmi Diamond is committed to providing class education through various campuses spread in different areas cultivating more than 500000 minds

Overseas Exhibition

At Laxmi Diamond, we got the opportunity to exhibit our precious work at various international summits at JCK, Las Vegas, and Singapore. The recognition of our work makes us feel proud of the skills and craftsmanship of our experienced professionals.

The Celebrations

Celebrating 50 years in the industry: 50 legendary years of Laxmi Diamond, what a journey it has been, and a grander celebration. With guests from all walks of life, dignitaries, and our magnificent employees. The enthusiasm of 24000 attendees to celebrate the glorious 50 years feels surreal, a feeling of not a personal achievement, but a family conquest.

Independence Day Celebration: The mighty celebration of the 75th year of Independence was carried out with pride in our hearts throughout the manufacturing facilities by celebrating the spirit of "Har Ghar Tiranga" in a true sense with a mutual feeling of patriotism and brotherhood.

Women's Day Celebration: Empowerment not only in words but through work. Laxmi Diamond takes pride in their women's force. Grateful for them every day, but the women's day event was just an excuse to appreciate and celebrate their spirit of passion and dedication.

Laxmi Diamond Cricket League: Celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship, leadership, and a joyful working environment with the game loved by all. What's better than a holistic work environment to grow, lead and flourish with play, work, and joy.


Awarded as the most socially responsible company - Awards mean that the efforts made for the betterment of society are being noticed and praised which motivates us every day to do even better. Laxmi Diamond has relentlessly worked in the field of health care, education, and the environment. There is always more to do, but recognition motivates us for greater things. Laxmi Diamond takes pride in bagging this title continuously for the past 6 years.

Awarded for excellence in education and sports - Colleges, Schools, and orphanages for kids to explore the world of academics and sports. Laxmi Diamond along with the Gajera Trust takes a greater interest in imparting excellence to young minds and showing them a way to achieve their best self. The efforts for the right cause always lead to glory, and being awarded for the same adds wings to our dreams.

Social initiatives

Eye Checkup camp: 5000 Patients were checked at 50 locations and Laxmi Diamond managed to register a whopping 12,500 people for eye donation. This was a set to provide free accessible eye care to all areas.

Yoga Workshop: Yoga workshop for employees to let them on the journey of self-discovery to bring out the best version of themselves in all areas of their life. Laxmi Diamond believes in the holistic upliftment of their family socially, mentally, and economically.

Booster Dose Vaccination Drive: Never step behind while implying the best for the family. Laxmi Diamond organized an in-house camp to make booster dose vaccination accessible to each member of the LD firm. Protecting and Caring for invaluable resources is something we always stay a step ahead with.

Pledge to plant 1 lakh Trees: Laxmi Diamond took an outrageous step in 2022 and pledged to plant 100000 trees to protect and nurture the environment and our surroundings. We have already started working towards the same and the plan is to achieve it by organizing different events and drives in the coming year.


Automation in the planning process: Laxmi Diamond continuously works on the optimization of manufacturing processes and keeps up with the technology and innovations that may bring effective, better, and quality outcomes. This year we automated certain planning procedures to reduce human errors and increase per-person output.

Expansion of manufacturing facility: Laxmi Diamond expanded the manufacturing facility by adding another behind the existing one to centralize operations by reducing lag time. The extra space will accommodate our skilled employees with ample personal space to work on their craft without disturbance while also maintaining a healthy distance by the Covid protocols.

The Future

Laxmi Diamond plans on going carbon neutral by 2025 and our commitment toward that goal is impeccable. We envision making education and health care accessible in every corner of the world, these two are the core of a better life which everyone deserves. A sustainable environment and a world to live in is a dream which we collectively have to work towards for. Looking forward to the new year to do so much more, let's explore together and achieve together but most of all let's grow together!