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Redefining the Diamond buying experience with Laxmi Diamond

For the last 49 years, Laxmi Diamond has been a trusted global manufacturer and distributor of polished diamonds. While product development and manufacturing have been at the core of the diamond industry for generations, technology has taken a strong stand and currently forms the backbone of the industry.
These advancements have been brought about in almost all departments, from sourcing,manufacturing, marketing and sales of loose diamonds.
A smooth integration of technology innovations with a skilled work force has enabled Laxmi Diamond to produce the finest diamonds.

Laxmi Diamond trades in all kinds of sizes, purity and shapes of diamonds, ranging from - 2 to 10 carats These loose diamonds are supplied to Laxmi Diamond’s globally established network of channel partners, in over 50 countries such as Dubai, Antwerp, New York, HongKong, Bangkok and Mumbai. Our distribution network stands strong with trusted carrier partners who have been in the business for decades and hold a reputation for delivering high-value goods securely across the globe.

Laxmi Diamond trades in a large range of parcel goods as well as certified diamonds. Diamonds above 0.18 carats can be easily purchased through Laxmi Diamond’s online platforms.

A web and mobile application has been developed for buyers to scan through the existing inventory of loose certified diamonds. They can search for specific stones with a range of filters for the diamond shape, carat, colour, clarity, cut, polish, symmetry and fluorescence intensity. These aspects allow buyers to check and evaluate the anatomy of their diamonds before purchase. Upon selecting a specific stone, one can get access to the diamond details, the quality check details and the parameter details of the diamond. The application alsoprovides images and a 360-degree video view of the loose diamonds to make the buying process even more effective and interactive.

Buyers can also view the GIA certificate of every diamond, that provides the all the grading details of the diamond. The ‘Price Calculator’ feature on the app provides a price index of loose diamonds based on the selected shape, colour and clarity.

The transparency of quality and grade of loose diamonds makes it crucial for sellers to price the loose diamonds competitively. The ongoing market prices determine the overall price range, and accordingly, companies tend to decide the price lists of their assortment of loose diamonds. Once the diamonds are selected, the buyer can purchase and track the diamond till it’s delivery.

Purchasing certified loose diamonds is a smart choice because they provide high inherent value compared to pre-embedded diamond jewellery. Given that loose diamond’s supply chain is not very extensive, they are comparatively cost-effective and offer the buyer’s flexibility of choice.

Throwing light on the matter of purchasing diamonds, Mr. Bhumik Gajera mentions that “One should always look for the quality of cut, colour, purity, lustre and fire, as well as the price range before making a final purchase decision.”