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Shaping the future of beauty: A conscious way forward in the diamond industry

Shaping the future of beauty: A conscious way forward in the diamond industry

Sustainable living, eco-friendly products, minimalism, and environmental consciousness are some words we come across every day now. It is because people and companies are finally becoming aware of their effects on the surroundings. But some communities have been rigorously working towards the betterment of our surroundings for a very long time. Laxmi Diamond, and Gajera Trust, is widely known for their social initiatives and their immense contribution to society. They believe in the holistic development of society, and being environmentally conscious plays a major role in it. They believe in actions and they are here to show us how it is done. Let's understand the concept of conscious living first.

Environmental consciousness means being mindful of the effects of your activities on the surroundings and taking extra measures to minimize them. It is a set of values among people who care about the natural habitat they are surrounded with.

The pledge

The Laxmi Diamond team believes that mother earth is our most valuable resource and to honor that Laxmi Diamond has pledged to become a carbon-neutral company by 2025. This is where their values lie. They have already done a tremendous job by bringing a revolution in human welfare through the health and education sector, and this announcement makes us proud of all the efforts and thoughtfulness of Laxmi Diamond to make this society and surrounding a better place to live in. They take it as their responsibility to account for the effects of the carbon the company emits and take steps to neutralize it.

The 5th C of the diamond- Consciousness.

The aim is to be conscious about society, people, and the environment as a whole. Apart from cut, clarity, color, and carat, Laxmi Diamond introduced a different angle by relating consciousness to their love for diamonds and hence, the pledge to become a carbon-neutral company

Carbon neutrality means neutralizing carbon emissions in the environment by absorbing the same amount back from the environmental carbon sink. There are various ways in which a company can become carbon neutral.

Carbon dioxide or CO2 emission arises from the burning of fossil fuels during the manufacturing process with the release of CO2 in the environment in solid, liquid, or gaseous form.

How can a company attain carbon neutrality?

There are 5 extensive steps to attain carbon neutrality.

Define :  To decide if you want your whole company to go carbon neutral or a particular product. This step also includes becoming aware of the government norms about carbon emission and neutralization. Also, appointing a team or company to help you attain a carbon-neutral certificate.

Measure :  Calculate the carbon emission of your company according to the process, location, and size with help of experts. Various data like fuel consumption on site, companyowned vehicles, purchased energy, waste, and business travel are collected and analyzed to reach a particular number. After collecting the data, experts will calculate your footprint and will give you a Greenhouse Gas Assessment Report which will underpin your carbon neutral certification.

Target : Commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emission can be fulfilled by setting a clear target to take climate action with a 100% reduction. You must take immediate actions to drive operational changes and efficiency by the usage of non-renewable resources and converting them to a 100% renewable energy target.

Reduce : Identify and deliver internal and external emission reduction projects and renewable energy generation options that work best for your business to make you carbon neutral.

Internal Reductions : These are usually cost-effective solutions and include reducing three things- energy usage, waste, and travel. This can be as simple as switching to energyefficient light bulbs, using digital paper, or minor updates in the manufacturing process.

External Reductions : Through external projects, the process of reduction becomes faster and results in further impacts on sustainable development. Renewable energy plants mean more jobs and on the other hand, reduced use of fossil fuels reduces pollution, improves health, increases forest area, and conserves biodiversity.

Communication and Certification : Communicate the reduction plans to stakeholders, employees and professionals at all levels of the company, it works as a whole to achieve carbon neutrality. Obtain your carbon neutrality certificate by complying with government norms and procedures.

Laxmi Diamond's way towards Carbon Neutrality.

Renewable energy : Switching to renewable sources of energy is the major step to cutting off carbon emissions.

Solar power : To offset the energy used in the company, Laxmi Diamond has set up a solar power plant that produces 50000 kWh of energy each day.

Wind power : Installation of windmills to produce electricity will result in a reduced carbon footprint and takes them closer to the goal to achieve carbon neutrality.

Plantation : Various tree plantation drives have been carried out in the past to plant over 5000 trees and they have planned many more in the future. To celebrate the legacy of 50 years, Laxmi Diamond pledged to plant 1 lakh plant saplings.

Laxmi Diamond believes small steps make a big difference. Their continuous effort and commitment will bring a green revolution in the diamond industry and they have magnificent plans for the future as well. In the true sense diamond's 5th C of consciousness is where the value lies.

Carbon neutrality is the solution to continuous climate change and global warming. It is a way to a better and brighter future. Now is the high time to think about the impact your actions bring to the environment, make conscious choices, adopt sustainability and be mindful of the environment because we all are in this together. Laxmi Diamonds is reaching its goal, one step at a time. How far are you?