The Laxmi Diamond experience at your fingertips

The Laxmi Diamond experience at your fingertips

The Laxmi Diamond experience at your fingertips :

Using our proprietary mobile app

Online shopping has been a wonderful evolution for both businesses and consumers. It connects customers to sellers all over the world and every business today has a website or an application for online trade. Anything and everything from electronics and clothes to groceries and diapers can be bought on the internet. Then why would we stop at diamonds?

Laxmi Diamond has developed an online application to make the process of buying diamonds online seamless for their customers. They are one of the major manufacturers and distributors of polished diamonds and supply loose polished diamonds to the jewelry trade globally. Here is a guide to understanding how the process of online trading is designed and the features of the application.

Why the Laxmi Diamond mobile app?

The application is more user friendly and creates a customized space for the buyer online. It is more efficient and takes less effort to operate. Laxmi Diamond's application gives a userfriendly experience to all their customers to make their diamond buying experience speedy and smooth.

The applicationFeatures

Access to Laxmi Diamond's online store:

Dealers, brokers, and jewelry manufacturers can check the available diamonds and their pricing on the application at any time. Users can check the stock availability for any type of diamonds at any given time, which helps them plan their further orders, deals, and supplies accordingly.

Easy search:

Customers can select the cut, carat, color, clarity, and certification of the diamond they are looking for and results that fulfill their requirements will be presented within seconds. The filtration makes it easy for them to search for the diamonds they want among numerous options that are available for sale.

Detailed information:

Specifications of each diamond are mentioned along with images and videos so the buyer exactly know what they are buying without any confusion. Information like price, inventory, carat, shape, and authentication is shown with every product in an organized standard way.

Track orders:

Once the order is placed, the buyer can track it to know its exact location and know when to expect the delivery. Estimated delivery time is already shown to the buyer before making the final purchase

Clean, user-friendly interface :

Ease of navigation has been routinely cited as the top priority for mobile users in various tests and Laxmi Diamond realizes the power of a neat user experience for its customers. There is no clutter of information and media that appears on any screen, especially the product pages. There are very simple steps for each process without overlapping and the application works as a guide that gives users a hassle-free purchase experience.

Can be used on any device:

The Laxmi Diamond mobile application is available for download for both Android & iOS devices and has no specific requirements, except for an internet connection. The application is free to download for all of Laxmi's business users to buy diamonds.

The purchasing process:

The purchases on Laxmi Diamond's application are smooth and straightforward. No expertise or special skills are required to operate this application at any stage.

Search > Select > Add to cart > Buy

Benefits to Application users:

      The application provides a personalized experience to its user by enabling them to access their past and current orders and track them.

      Easy access to business opportunities for people anywhere in the world to connect with Laxmi Diamond and view the different regions we can deliver to.

      A lot of time is saved by purchasing diamonds online, which leads to an increase in productivity.

      The Laxmi Diamond application provides users with a quick and convenient way to communicate with businesses. They can get instant updates and information on product availability, pricing, and real-time stock levels.

     The application allows jewellery producers, dealers, and brokers to run their businesses more efficiently by ordering diamonds whenever they need them. Orders can be placed in just a few minutes, and the company currently provides services to a wide variety of clients who are spreaded across Asia, Europe, India, and the United States

Laxmi Diamond has taken the diamond trading business a step ahead with this application.

Online trading has changed the way the diamond and jewelry manufacturing ecosystem evolves and how inventories are maintained. The future holds many opportunities and possibilities of growth for individuals who want to get into the diamond business. We take special effort to ensure that every stone that joins our inventory is ethically sourced. Our collaborations with internationally recognised mining brands provide a natural and conflictfree processing of diamonds from rough to retail. Laxmi Diamond will always be happy to serve with quality, transparency, and with the 50 years of brand trust to their valuable customers.