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Laxmi Diamond & Gajera Trust's Vision for Better Health

Laxmi Diamond's Hopeful Vision For A Better Tomorrow Carried Out By Gajera Trust

The pandemic has been an alarming call, highlighting the need for good healthcare and a realisation of the importance of maintaining one’s well-being at all times. In a co-dependent society, good health is a shared personal, social and environmental responsibility. Every credible individual can contribute to achieving the same by looking after oneself and those around them.

“Along with being every individual’s primary focus, good healthcare should also be a part of every company’s founding principles”- Mr Chunibhai Gajera. For an entrepreneur, being obligated to the good health of his employees is an ethical commitment. The most valuable asset for any company is always its people. Without them, all other assets prove to be futile.

‘Trust’ has been one of the four fundamental principles of Laxmi Diamond’s foundation since its inception. As it is said, “charity begins at home”, earning and establishing trust among people within the company has always been crucial. The same is achieved not merely through words but through actions.

The 100% commitment of all the employees to the company is rewarded with the same in return. The company invests in their good health by ensuring healthy working conditions and providing medical incentives and health insurance benefits for employees and their families. To help them battle with the pandemic, financial aids, subsidized health check-ups for HRCT and blood reports were arranged at select screening centres. Currently, vaccination camps have been set to help the employees get their doses at the earliest and with utmost convenience.

With a fond belief that all work and no play is an invitation to bad health, Laxmi Diamond values employees’ mental health at par with their physical health. An open door company policy creates an accessible space for all employees to share their grievances with the top management. A special committee dedicated to women has also been established to address their personal issues. Creating a harmonious work culture that promotes good mental health, the company organizes festive celebrations and recreational activities such as Cricket tournaments.

Providing for the good healthcare of employees is just the start of Laxmi Diamond’s hopeful vision for health.

“Healthcare is vital to all of us some of the time, but public health is vital to all of us all of the time.” - C Everett Koop.

The Gajera trust initiated on the three crucial pillars of healthcare, education and community service, taking up public healthcare not merely as an initiative but as a conscious responsibility during the ’90s. With a line-up of Local Blood Camps on national holidays, the entire team reached out to those in need. To date, the Gajera Trust continues to support healthcare initiatives such as blood donation camps, health check-up drives and mobile medical vans. In June 2018, the Gajera Trust established Shantabaa Medical College at Amreli Civil Hospital Campus under Public Private Partnership with the Government of Gujarat. Supporting healthcare for Amreli, the civil hospital has been taken over as a non-profit initiative aiming to achieve excellence in Medical Education, Health Care and Research. The school and college teachers associated with Gajera Trust’s institutions volunteered to aid at Covid healthcare centres. In the light of the national health emergency, an entire Covid ward for 200 patients was established at the Shantabaa Hospital in Amreli and donations of supplies such as Oximeter, Sanitizers, masks and medicines were carried out for rural districts.

All of these initiatives are carried out with a sense of purpose and meaningfulness. They represent and reaffirm the belief “The path out of poverty begins when the next generation can access quality healthcare.” However, it goes without saying that these initiatives will be carried on and amplified as Laxmi Diamond’s duty towards the community for generations to come.