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Wrapping Up 2021 And Unfolding 2022 For Laxmi Diamond

Wrapping Up 2021 And Unfolding 2022 For Laxmi Diamond

"Uncertainty is a sign of humility, and humility is just the ability or the willingness to learn."- Charlie Sheen.

The world collectively experienced uncertainty like never before in the last two years when the pandemic turned our lives upside down. Each individual, company, and industry endured the rocky way, fighting and figuring their ways out of the daunting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But as it is said, there is light at the end of a tunnel. So, at Laxmi Diamond, with a determination to make the best out of every situation, the management, the team and the community came together in the spirit of healing and treaded on a path of learning and acceptance.Most importantly, the uncertainty that the pandemic bought with it left Laxmi Diamond with experiences and learnings for a lifetime.

The year started on a downhill note when the dreadfulness of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic overshadowed the world. At such a time, Laxmi Diamond faced several issues due to work restrictions at the factory and delays in manufacturing processes that hampered the planning.

At such a time, Laxmi Diamond understood that everything else could wait, but wellness for our community and society comes first and needs to be addressed on priority. Hence, gathering all the forces at disposal, Laxmi Diamond stepped ahead, taking proactive steps that help prevent the risk and ensure a minimum spread of infection among the workforce. As a result, all safety measures were prioritised, kept in check, and vaccination camps were set up at the company premises.

Catering to healthcare for the community, in association with the Shantabaa General hospital,Laxmi Diamond took up a key initiative by providing treatment for over 2000 patients andhelping the district of Amerli in curbing the outbreak.

The year 2021 proved to be gratifying for Laxmi Diamond when the good deeds found their way back to the company in the form of a GJPEC Award and recognition for the Most Socially Responsible Company.

Additionally, the past year has also been a year of learning. In the light of operational uncertainties caused by the pandemic, staying true to a patient approach with unmatched coordination and quick decision making made all the difference for Laxmi Diamond. Hence, each hurdle was not seen as a hindrance but rather as an opportunity to be tackled with a problem-solving lens.

Bearing the fruit of commitment and unaltered determination, Laxmi Diamond achieved the highest-grossing turnover till date in the company's history of five decades.

Notably, marking yet another significant advancement, Laxmi Diamond expanded its global operations in 2021 by setting foot into Africa and establishing a manufacturing unit in Botswana. This milestone is the starting step for the company to expand its contributions to countries, communities and the diamond industries at large.

The venture into Africa is not just another mark on the map for Laxmi Diamond. But, a pioneering, remarkable step, first for any Indian company to set up a polishing unit in a foreign land. With the efforts of an impeccable managerial team at Botswana, backed by the legacy of the Laxmi Diamond Group, the company looks forward to making an impact for the greater good. The Botswana unit will also focus on the generation of employment and skill up-gradation opportunities for the community in Africa.

Gathering all the experiences and lessons from 2021, each person at Laxmi Diamond now immensely values the need and power of early planning, quick decision-making , and having unaltered faith in one's abilities.

Summing up the past year, 2021 proved promising, safe and rewarding for Laxmi Diamond.

Setting foot into the 50th year of its existence, Laxmi Diamond welcomes 2022 in all its glory.Forging ahead with a positive mindset and a rock-solid plan of action, the company aims to shine through and establish itself at the pinnacle in the diamond industry. Additionally, Laxmi Diamond believes that learning is a continuous process that never ends. Hence, in this new year, the company awaits new opportunities that open up the doors for risk-taking endeavours and learnings that follow.

If there is one thing that Laxmi Diamond has been extremely fortunate with, it is people. May it be the people at the company's backbone, the employees, the customers or the community, the ecosystem of stakeholders that the company has built over 50 years is one of its most priceless possessions.

Unfolding the good that's to come, Laxmi Diamond will continue to step in and lend a helping hand to the community. Commemorating its 50th anniversary, the company plans to set up 51 healthcare camps in Saurashtra in 2021.

It has been an honour for Laxmi Diamond to be of service to the community, country, and the diamond industry in 2021. And as it is said, time flies, and we are already in the first month of 2022, stepping in with brighter initiatives and endeavours.

With the support of our Laxmi Diamond family and the stakeholders, we are confident that Laxmi Diamond will continue to build trust, drive innovation, adapt versatile initiatives and give back to society responsibly and sustainably