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Our Process

Learn how Laxmi Diamond blends experience, expertise, and innovations to transform a rough stone to the multifaceted brilliance reflecting a perfect sparkle.


To bring you the most exquisite and excellent quality diamonds, we practice a rigorous process to analyse and grade brilliance of each masterpiece. Our team of professional gemmologists go beyond the traditional 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat) to assess the diamond’s value and rarity, ensuring a perfect amalgamation of science, technology, and pure craftmanship: a beautiful diamond.


Cut is the only characteristic of the 4 C’s influenced by the human hand. Precisely cut facets personify a perfect scintillation, a light reflecting internally from one mirror-like facet to another and disperses it through the crown of the gem.

Cutting is the most crucial stage of diamond manufacturing. Our lapidaries apply specific parameters of angle and dimension with strict attention to the polished finish and take pride in delivering the excellent quality to bring you the most beautiful diamonds with perfect cuts.


Clarity refers to the internal inclusions or surface blemishes that are created in the diamond during its organic creation days within the earth. It means nearly every gemstone when retrieved inheres these natural fingerprints. The gem with fewer imperfections is more rare and higher on value.

Clarity grades determine the purity of the diamond from Flawless(FL) to Included(I). Depending upon the number, type, colour, size, and position of the inclusions or blemishes, the clarity grade is assigned to the diamond.


Diamond is graded on a colour scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Colour is the second most important detail while selecting the diamond. From white to near colourless, diamonds appear in various range of shades and it’s almost impossible for a human eye to spot a visual difference in grades ranging from D to H (near colourless). It demands an expert eye with master diamond sets of known grades to distinguish their colourlessness.

Diamonds also occur in other hues like pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, and—the most unique—red. These gems—knows as ‘fancy diamonds’—are extremely rare and valued considerably more than the colourless.


The diamond’s weight is measured in Carat. 1 carat equals to 0.20 grams, further divided into 100 points. So, a 200-point diamond is of 2 carats (0.40 grams).

Carat weight doesn’t entirely define preciousness of the diamond. It depends on three more essential factors: cut, clarity, and colour. Thus, values of two diamonds having same carat weight may differ depending their cut, clarity, and colour.
Manufacturing Process 1

Rough Assortment

A gemstone’s journey to becoming a diamond begins from this stage. After rough diamonds are received at our facility, every stone is sorted or categorized according to its unique characteristics of colour, clarity, and carat. Our expert sorters assess the potential of each rough and separate potentially flawless diamonds from lesser gems.
Manufacturing Process 2

Planning & Cleaving

Planning is one of the key processes in analysing how the diamond would exactly look like as the end product. Our diamond planners technically visualize all the possibilities before marking the final shape, size, and weight of each gemstone. Natural facets like minor inclusions are creatively planned to enhance or add value to the diamond’s beauty. In the next step–cleaving–rough is divided into pieces to be finished as separate gems.
Manufacturing Process 3

Blade Sawing & Laser

Gemstone marked by the planners is then cut into 2 pieces with either Blade or Laser Sawing. Both the processes are widely used demanding a specific skill.Evolving with the technological advancements, Laxmi Diamond has incorporated Laser, making the process of sawing extremely precise and efficient.
Manufacturing Process 4

Grading | Assortment Polish

Polished diamonds are then sent for grading and segregation. As per the size, colour, clarity, and value, diamonds are segregated into certified and non-certified.Our expert graders apply set of proven processes with microscopic examination and evaluate 4 C’s of each diamond before dispatching them to diamond certification agencies. During scrutiny, if any diamond doesn’t meet the benchmarks then it is returned for cutting and polishing. From rough to the finished product, our aim is to overwhelm each customer with an absolute excellence.

Ethical Sourcing

As a global manufacturer and distributor of polished diamonds, Laxmi Diamond takes particular care to ensure that each gemstone entering in the inventory is ethically sourced. Our tie-ups with internationally recognized mining brands promises a natural and conflict-free processing of diamond’s journey from rough to retail.

Incredible transparency lies in our pioneering principals which directly reflects in our commitment to bring you the most exquisite and excellent quality diamonds. Our responsible business practices help us to drive sustainability and build a lifelong loyalty association with each customer.

Our Commitment

Over last 46 years, Laxmi Diamond has been the most trusted brand in the diamond industry. Our commitment to deliver excellence has kept us striving for quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. With integration of technical innovations and expert craftsmanship, we produce a variety of finest cut diamonds, catering to unique needs of each customer.

Our product catalogue offers various shapes like Round brilliant, Princess, Cushion Modified, Pear, Marquise and Hearts. We also produce special cut with 105 facets, the Gabrielle Diamond.

We firmly believe in mutual growth with sustainability. Laxmi Diamond is a Sightholder, offering you enhanced, consistency, reliability of supply, and assurance in the authenticity and intergrity of your diamonds.

Our dedicated initiatives to foster social growth gives us immense satisfaction and responsibility to create a world of opportunities as pure and beautiful like a perfectly cut diamond.