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Terms and Conditions of Laxmi Diamond

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before you start using our website.

Terms of Service

You (“you” or “your” or “Buyer” or “Customer”) are required to read and accept all of the terms and conditions laid down in this Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions” or “T&C” or “Terms” or “Agreement”) and the linked Privacy Policy, before you may use laxmidiamond (hereinafter referred to as “Site” or “laxmidiamond” or “we” or “our”). The Site allows you to browse, select and purchase our stones online (“Stones” or “Diamonds”).

This T&C is effective upon acceptance and governs the relationship between you and Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter “The Company”) including the sale and supply of any Stones on the site. If this T&C conflicts with any other document, the T&C will prevail for the purposes of usage of the Site. If you do not agree to be bound by this T&C and the Privacy Policy, you may not use the Site in any way.

The Company provides the Diamonds to you subject to the T&C.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These t&c, As modified or amended from time to time, are a binding contract between the company and you. If you visit, use, or shop at the site, you accept these t&c. In addition, when you use any current or future services of the company or visit or purchase from any business affiliated with the company, whether or not included in the site, you also will be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or merchant. If these conditions are inconsistent with such guidelines and conditions, such guidelines and conditions will control.

If this T&C conflicts with any other document, the T&C will prevail for the purposes of usage of the Site. As a condition of purchase, the Site requires your permission to send you administrative and promotional emails. We will send you information regarding your account activity and purchases, as well as updates about our products and promotional offers. We shall have no responsibility in any manner whatsoever regarding any promotional emails. The offers made in those promotional emails shall be subject to change at the sole discretion of the Company and the Company owes no responsibility to provide you any information regarding such change.

By placing an order, you make an offer to us to purchase products you have selected based on standard Site restrictions, Merchant specific restrictions, and on the terms and conditions stated below.

You are required to create an account in order to purchase any product from the Site. This is required so we can provide you with easy access to print your orders and view your past purchases up to 90days.

The Company reserves the right to make any changes to our Terms and Conditions and/or our Privacy Policy (which is incorporated herein by reference) as we deem necessary or desirable without prior notification to you. We suggest to you, therefore, that you read our T&C and Privacy Policy from time to time in order that you stay informed as to any such changes. If we make changes to our T&C and Privacy Policy and you continue to use our Site, you are impliedly agreeing to the revised T&C and Privacy Policy expressed herein.

To read the complete Terms and Conditions, please see below.

The transactions made through https://laxmidiamond.com are governed by specific policies and terms & conditions set forth by Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. (The Company) as below:

For Using

Its contents are owned by Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. All the content on the Website including text, site design, logos, excel sheet, graphic files, audio clips, video clips, icons and images, is the sole property of Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd.

Registering on LaxmiDiamond does not grant you the ownership of the website and its content. The Content provided in this Website may be downloaded and/or printed for personal reference only. You must not modify any content you have downloaded and/or printed from our website.

You are strictly not allowed to use any part of our content on our website for your commercial purpose without taking prior written permission or obtaining license to do so from Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd.

You are not allowed to make use of, represent the information to the third party or pass on any data derived from or accessible from our website for any commercial purpose. Strict Disciplinary and Legal action may be taken against the person found breaching these rules.

You shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion or feature of the Website, or any other systems or networks connected to the Website.

User shall use website for lawful purpose only. User shall not post or transmit through website any material which violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. and others, which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable.

Use of the membership account is strictly personal. The account should not, even temporarily be shared with or otherwise extended to another person. All registered users are fully responsible for the use of User’s account (under any screen name or password) and for ensuring that all use of User’s account complies fully with terms and conditions set in this User Agreement. Users shall be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of User’s passwords(s), if any.

To read the complete Terms and Conditions, please see below.


Stones listed on our website are all subject to availability.

Our latest inventory data emailed to you - there is no guarantee of the availability of the said goods at the time of purchases made by you.

Stones cannot be sent on consignment basis.

The current bank rate is applicable at the time of order confirmed.

All the disputes relating to online transaction through https://laxmidiamond.com are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.


We have Fixed Price Policy.

Prices are subject to change without prior notification, until the order is confirmed.

All Prices displayed are based on ‘Advance Payment Terms’ only.

The company reserves all the rights to rectify errors pertaining to the prices of orders placed with an inaccurate description or incorrect price due to system or data-entry errors or technological failure.


All Prices are based on advance payment terms only and prices are expressed in USD, unless otherwise stated and will be exclusive of any duties, taxes and/or bank charges.

Payments of all confirmed orders must be paid in advance.

Payment must be paid in full within 7 working days from the date of confirmation of your order.

For any delayed payments after 7 working days from invoice date, we charge on the basis of 12% per annum, to all our customers which is after 7 working days.

TT copy should be forwarded to us for all payments remitted in form of wire transfers.


The stones will be shipped only upon the confirmation of receipt of advance payment into our account.

The stones will be shipped to your door steps through carriers like Malca Amit, Brinks, BVC Express, UPS or FedEx on C&F basis.

Door-to-door insurance will be covered by the above-mentioned carriers.

The Company reserves rights to refuse shipments to certain international destinations where logistic companies are not present.

USD 150 will be levied towards shipping and handling charges per invoice amounting below USD 10,000. Invoice amounting above USD 10,000 are absolutely free of cost.

Shipping charges includes cost of shipping from our office to nearest International Airport. Destination charges (i.e. from Airport to buyer's place) to be borne by the buyer only.

For international shipments, all import duties and taxes related to the shipment destination will be borne by the buyer.

Shipment within INDIA

Shipping & Handling charges applicable for any business below $5000 (total invoice amount) for the shipments within the boundary of India.

Local taxes, if any, will be levied on the total invoice value.

Cancellation of Orders

After placing order, a representative from the company may contact the buyer to re-confirm the details of the placed order for a security purpose.

Please note that once shipped, order cannot be cancelled.

Order once placed will be cancelled upon the failure of Advance payment within 7 working days.

*All the disputes are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

Please Note: Laxmi Diamond Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice or appeal.